Maximise your home’s potential LUXURIOUS LOFT STORAGE ROOM

loft-storage-rooms-leicester-photo1 (1)
loft-storage-rooms-leicester-photo1 (1)

Why not improve your home and reach the full potential of its long-forgotten loft space?

Regardless of the available space in our homes, it always shrinks in time. We often don’t realise that the unused space above our heads can be converted within a single day into a structured private storage room that will address the issue.

Our experienced team of loft installers specialise in creating bespoke and made to measure loft storage solutions that are fully tailored to help you get organised and make the most of the available loft space you never used before.

We are conveniently based in Cambridge and serve all residential customers in Cambridgeshire area, as well as in Leicestershire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, London and Kent.

If you decided it’s time you made your loft space useful, we can help to arrange some functional and practical space to keep your belongings perfectly organised. Contact us now and request a free estimate for your new loft storage room project.

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Hassle-free access and quality LOFT LADDERS SUPPLY & FIT

Impressive in size or just large enough to store a few boxes, either way, your loft storage space is wasted without a solid and easy to operate loft ladder.

We specialise in supply and fit of loft ladders that are easy and safe to use, they come safety-tested and fire-resistant, and can be finished to match the décor of your home. All our products are sourced from trusted and reliable manufacturers; they are of the highest quality and are fully certified and guaranteed for your complete peace of mind. We install wooden and aluminium, retractable, sliding, folding, telescopic and electrical ladders at competitive prices.

Our loft ladders fitting team is experienced in all types of installations. We can help to relocate your existing loft access opening or build an additional one, we can also enlarge or decrease the hatch opening and insulate it for you.

Call us now so we can have a friendly chat about your loft requirements. We also provide free non-obligatory work estimates. You can also send us your request via this form.


Bring your loft ideas to life with our bespoke services

We offer specialist loft improvement services including loft insulation, loft floor boarding, loft roof windows and loft ladders.

We strive to deliver top quality service on a timely manner and to agreed budget. We know our trade inside-out and have been improving loft spaces for our customers in the Leicestershire county for the past decade with a great success.

We take pride in our work and always prioritise quality and attention to finish. Our work is insured and we keep you covered for additional 5 years with our service guarantee.

Contact us today to arrange a free visit to survey and assess the full potential of your loft space and for a free non-obligatory quotation.

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