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Our loft storage room installation projects come in different shapes and sizes, in all finishes, and quite often with individual and special requests, we are always happy to accommodate.

If you don’t plan to use your loft as an additional living space in your home, where the fit-out itself can be quite expensive, and you’d rather go for a functional yet finished to a high standard loft storage room, we come with great news – it really doesn’t have to be time or money consuming improvement.

Our specialist team of loft installers have completed dozens of loft storage room fittings in Hertfordshire and the neighbouring areas at prices starting from £439 for a deal that includes 2-section loft ladder installation, loft lighting and loft floor boarding for a 10 square metre loft space.

All completed within a day, with complete supply and installation service, without compromising on quality and with excellent final results.

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Suitable for all Loft Spaces LOFT LADDER SUPPLY & FIT

Even if you are not ready to completely transform your loft space, it shouldn’t stop you from installing a very convenient to use and professionally fitted loft ladder, so you can access your loft safely and without effort.

We offer a full supply and fitting service of all types and sizes of loft ladders, that guarantee secure and effortless access to your loft room. There are electric and manual ladders available, mainly in wood and aluminium including a super light telescopic type.

We are also able to offer custom-finish and matching loft hatch panels. We can also help with relocating existing hatch opening or creating a new additional one in separate room.

We are always happy to address any special requests and provide a fully-tailored service to match your requirements. Our products are sourced from trusted and reliable manufacturers, with worldwide reputation for quality and great performance.

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Bespoke and tailored loft space services

Apart from our standard services that include loft insulationfloor boardingroof windows and loft ladders, we are always happy to help with planning and designing your storage room so you can get the most out of its space potential.

We beautifully board loft floors and offer some great quality insulated panels in all finishes to create desired look and feel of your new loft room. We can also create made-to-measure furniture such as built-in wardrobes with sliding or folding doors, corner shelving units, fitted shelves or drawers concealed in spaces between walls and roof.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality service on time and to budget. We will be pleased to arrange a complimentary visit at your home to survey your loft space and discuss all available options to transform the room according to your requirements.

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