Luxury Class Wooden Loft Ladders Installation.

Timber loft ladders are typical of the Scandinavian approach to design. Simple and straightforward installation and usage, built to exacting standards using the best materials available and at a sensible mid-range price. They are certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001.

Attic ladders are manufactured in coniferous wood. The spring-balanced trap door is painted with a white base coat and insulated with 70 mm. The face of the trap door can be painted or clad to blend in with your current decor. The recessed sealing lock is easy to manoeuvre with an opening handle and fitted with an espagnolette lock with two bolts. Loft ladders fit on the trap door when folded, therefore no loft clearance is required.

Protective pads are included to prevent the ladder from leaving marks on the floor, and can be fitted after you have trimmed the ladders to perfectly fit your space. Delivered assembled, complete with frame and detailed installation instructions, including step by step pictures, making this a fairly straightforward loft ladder and hatch installation.

The fully insulated hatch comes with 70 mm of insulation and a sealing strip which prevents heat loss and downward draughts and also saves you money on your heating bills. Protective felt pads are included and can be attached after adjusting length during attic ladder installation.

Our Wooden Ladders prices start from £499.00 ex VAT.

Functional Aluminium Loft Ladders Fitting.

Ladders made of aluminum are perfectly functional and offer a space-saving option. We can distinguish many varieties of ladders including telescopic, 2-section, 3-section. As an example the Werner 76003 is a sturdy and practical 3 section loft ladder that is suitable for heights up to 3 m. Excellent quality and strength at a great price value, designed for occasional use in the home. The ladder has three extending overlapping sections that can be affixed easily to the inside of the loft to be lowered down when access is needed and it opens and closes smoothly with the help of the sturdy V shaped pivot arm.

All the components needed for easy DIY loft ladder installation are provided, including a universal stowing pole with hook to unlock the hatch door and comprehensive easy to follow instructions written in plain English. The ladder has non slip shaped rungs to ensure safe and comfortable climbing. A sturdy handrail is included for ease of access and a fixing kit is included to convert your existing hatch to a swing down model with hinges and twist catch.

Although it weighs only 7 kg the 3 section loft ladder is suitable for ceiling heights of 2.3 m to 3 m and conforms to BS7553 (Class G). The maximum safe working load is 150 kg (23 st. 6 lbs) – don’t forget that this is the weight of the person going into the loft and the tools or materials that they are taking up and down the ladder. It comes with a 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.

For our 3-section Alu Ladders prices start from £189.00 ex VAT;
and the 2-sections ones – from £169.00 ex VAT.

Beautiful Retractable Concertina Loft Ladders.

Dimes retractable ladders are at the absolute top end of the market in terms of quality, style and practical design. It is true to say that there will be a ladder to fit almost any requirement, and if your needs are complex then we will get them to make your ladder up to spec for us.

Yes, it can take a few weeks to get them shipped over from Italy, but we guarantee that if you want the best loft ladder then it is absolutely worth the wait.

Luxurious High End Finish.

The ladder is powder painted in black with grey carpeted treads for extra grip. A telescopic handrail is supplied to one side and exit grab rails are fitted as standard. An optional second safety rail is also available.

It comes complete with MDF hatch door and mounted in an integral strong, steel pressed frame, which lines the hatch opening, ready to install.

Ladder prices start from £349.00 excluding VAT.

Adjustable Telescopic Loft Ladder by Telesteps.

The new Telesteps Loft Ladder is probably the most compact solution to a very common problem – getting up into the loft, it is also the worlds first truly telescopic loft ladder. The ladder is spring assisted and sits on the hatch frame at an angle. Its so easy to use the Telesteps Loft Ladder – just open the hatch, let down the ladder holder, release the catch and pull down the ladder – easy as pie!

The fixed telestep loft ladder is mainly used in modern houses built in the last 10 years, where there is minimum space in the loft. It is easy to use and is good under the foot because of the wide steps.

• Ceiling Height 2.65m – 2.93m (8’8” – 9’7”)
• Hatch Size (minimum) 530 x 920 – 1100 mm (1’8” x 3′ – 3’7”)
• Tread Depth 90 mm
• Horizontal / Vertical Clearance 250 mm
• Suitable for domestic use only
• Safety conforms to EN14975
• Max Load 150kg 23.6st
• Product Weight 15.9 kg

Everyone wants more space in their home. The loft is a wasted space without a loft ladder. Now the products have hit new designs. Lives are busy so keep them simple. Having a loft ladder keeps access safe and hassle free.

Aluminium Sliding Loft Ladder Installation.

This aluminium sliding loft ladder is ideal for occasional use in the home. A quality two-section standard domestic loft ladder, it fits openings as small as 457mm x 406mm.

• Tested and certified to BS 7553 Class G (General Use)
• Fitted with wide, flat, non-slip treads and rubber feet for safe climbing
• Complete with all fittings
• Unique shoot bolt fastening for safety and ease of use
• 2 section ladder with 10 treads
• Floor to ceiling height from 1.45 to 2.6m
• Weighs just 5kg

Fully fitted into existing opening including hinge down trap door.

The two section Ladder prices start from £169.00 ex VAT.

SKYLARK Electric Ladders Installation.

SKYLARK beautifully combines visual aesthetics and flawless functionality and their premier 3-section electric foldaway attic stairs is certainly an item of luxury and style.

Made from Beech hardwood and finished exactly to your liking, these classic-looking fully automatic stairs enrapture loft owners not only by their looks, but also by their excellent and effortless performance.

Fully tested and certified, the Skylark stairs come with one remote control, and 2 hardwired switches. Also, a power pack with battery back up in case of power outage. Bluetooth adapter also supplied to operate your Skylark through your smartphone.

• Fits in standard loft hatches and larger
• Large tread – Width 387mm (max) Depth 80mm
• Remote control for easiest of use
• Built-in handrails for safe use
• Opens/Closes the AUTO and door with remote
• Load capacity 150kg
• Made from toughened aluminium (aluminium alloy 6063)

Our SKYLARK Ladders prices start from 2500.00 + VAT.

LOFTOMATTIC Electric Ladders Fitting.

The aluminium Loftomattic AUTO ladder fits in any standard loft hatch and bigger, making it a perfect upgrade from any manual ladder.

It’s ultra-compact and light design combined with easy remote control delivers long-lasting and durable product. A great value for money for everyone looking for quality product at a reasonable price.

• Easy, safe, no hassle loft access
• Compact design to Maximise Space in the loft
• Ideal Upgrade from manual ladders
• Handrails for Added Safety and Easy Use
• Fits ceiling heights 2.36m to 2.92m
• 150kg weight bearing

Our LOFTOMATIC Ladders prices start from 940.00 + VAT.

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