Non-habitable loft conversions

an interior view of a house attic under construction
Attic floor design.3d illustration concept

Most of us could all do with more usable space in our homes, couldn’t we?

One of the best ways to achieve this is a loft conversion: the space in the roof is already there, asking to be utilised.  However, a full room-in-the loft conversion will cost upwards of £15,000 — in fact, typical price for the simplest option is between £20,000 and £40,000 depending on the size of the converted space and technical specifics.

This is because a “habitable” loft conversion usually requires:

  • the reinforcement of the floor/joists to bear the weight of the flooring and other fittings;
  • windows for natural light;
  • extra insulation;
  • a fixed staircase;
  • electric wiring and fittings to provide adequate lighting and heating;
  • other measures to comply with safety requirements stipulated by Building Regulations, including  fire doors, fire escape routes and smoke alarms.

The costs quoted above are likely to be significantly higher if the conversion requires significant structural changes, such as construction of a dormer extension or raising the roof height. As you can see, although creating an extra habitable room in the roof space is a desirable solution, it comes at a significant cost.

However, in many cases you can gain a significant amount of usable space without spending anywhere near as much money as a full habitable room conversion would require: the solution is to create a storage room in the loft, which will not only allow you to improve your existing loft storage but will expand it significantly and thus not only get rid of clutter but also free up space that has been used for storage in the main area of your home.

Loft storage room conversion is a much simpler and significantly cheaper job. It also has a significant advantage of avoiding all the red tape, as it doesn’t require planning permission, like some of the more complex loft conversions, and, as it doesn’t create a habitable room, it doesn’t require Building Regulations approval either.

loft storage room conversion starts with boarding the loft space.

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