How to get the best out of the unused and forgotten loft space and create useful and ample space for your storage needs?

Regardless of the size of our homes there is one thing we share and can all relate to at some point in our lives – we find ourselves short of storage space. We often forget about this little gem above our heads, that has been gathering dust over the years – the unused loft space that can be easily converted into a structured private warehouse to accommodate your storage requirements. Here at Loft Professionals we specialise in building creative, bespoke and made to measure loft storage solutions at reasonable prices to suit all budgets. Our services are fully tailored when it comes to loft storage rooms and we can design and build pretty much anything to help you get organised and make the most of the space you have forgotten about. We are conveniently based in Cambridge and serve all residential customers in Cambridgeshire area, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you decided it’s time you made use of your loft and create something special to sort out all your belongings and keep them safe in your brand-new loft storage room.
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Simple yet effective

Custom-made build-in storage solutions can be easily adapted into your loft to provide much needed room and create cluster-free and beautifully organised space.

Whilst loft spaces vary in shapes and sizes, they all have one thing in common – you can adapt the room to your liking and to your exact requirements. Even if you already converted your loft and it may seem to you there’s not much space left for storage, you would be surprised how the remaining areas between the walls and roof can still serve as an ample space to store your belongings.

We have many years of experience in helping residents of Cambridge keep their loft spaces shipshape. We love designing custom storage spaces and each loft assignment is as individual as their owner.

You may already have an idea of how to transform your loft space into something special, or maybe you need our advice and could use our know-how to create your much-desired storage room, either way, we are here to help and address all your needs to provide a bespoke and practical loft storage solutions.


One storage room - many great ideas

It’s really up to one’s creative mind to come up with loft storage ideas that can be implemented into an empty loft space.

There are many storage solutions that have been tried and proved to be extremely useful such as transforming eaves into a row of pull-out drawers, creating floating shelves and custom wall and corner storage units, creating bespoke built-in wardrobes with sliding or folding doors or transforming old fire places into usable and very creative storage space.

If the budget allows for it, one of the most efficient loft storage solutions are made-to-measure furniture that can be easily accommodated under a sloped ceiling and other challenging loft areas to make the most of the space.

Whatever you decide – our creative and dedicated team is here to make it happen. We are a one-stop shop for all your loft storage needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us and let’s create a storage room you have always dreamt of.

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