CONSERVATION (Double Glazed)

Prices start from £795 +VAT

CENTRE PIVOT (Double Glazed)

Prices start from £595 +VAT

TOP HUNG (Double Glazed)

Prices start from £695 +VAT

ELECTRIC (Double Glazed)

Prices start from £995 +VAT

Brighten up your loft room with natural light, fresh air and proper ventilation.

Although some of us may actually prefer dimmed surroundings, it has been widely researched and proved that daylight and fresh air have enormous effect on our lives and health. Majority of us spend 90% of our lives indoors, our work places are lit with artificial light, that put great strain on our vision, and very often the only ‘fresh’ air we get comes directly from air conditioning systems. No wonder, that at the end of a working day we feel physical discomfort, tiredness and suffer from headaches.

If you want your loft to be a healthy and comfortable environment that enhances positive attitude and provides visual comfort, it is wise to ask a professional to help you choose appropriate loft roof windows.

Our Cambridge based loft windows installers team have an extensive experience in fitting all types of loft and roof windows. We can advise on materials, windows positioning and ventilation capacity to make the most of the daylight in your loft room.

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Professionally Installed


We supply and fit roof windows that are available in a vast range of sizes, materials and finishes.

Changing the roof surface into a transparent area provides the so much desired daylight and makes the loft room way easier to warm up. Velux loft roof windows are specifically designed to be installed on any type of roof, they are durable and provide great thermal insulation.

Here at Loft Professionals we take every measure no only to ensure a first-class customer service with a 5-year guarantee on all the services we provide, we also carefully select all materials and products so upon project completion you are left with stunning results that will last for years to come.

Whether you require a brand-new window installation for your flat or pitched roof, or perhaps you need to replace the existing loft window, you can rest assured our talented team of fitters have it all covered from the initial concept right up to completion.



If you plan to use your loft room not only as a typical storage area, then window installation is an improvement that will provide many benefits in a long run. Having to rely solely on artificial light is not healthy, not to mention the poor quality of air and lack of ventilation. The build-up of moisture and condensation results in mouldy and stuffy air and can be disastrous not only to your health, but if left untreated can also affect the overall condition of your house.

Loft and roof windows bring ideal and cost-effective solution and with our experience you will enjoy a bright and properly ventilated loft space in no time and at a reasonable price. If you are unsure of the type of window you need, don’t worry, we will arrange a complimentary site visit to survey your loft area and provide you with suitable options, including double and triple glazing.

Should you consider a total makeover of your unused loft space we will be more than happy to deliver a work estimate to exactly match your requirements. Call us now and take advantage of a 10% discount for all new customers!

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