Loft Ladders

Safer, easier loft access

Supply & fitting of manual & electric loft ladders

Large choice of convenient loft access solutions from basic to luxury, including electric loft ladders. Standard & custom-made hatches to fit the loft ladder you choose.

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Quality solutions for all your loft flooring needs

  • Swedish designed timber ladders built using the best materials available, at an affordable price. Naturally stylish yet functional. Perfect for frequent use and when appearance is important.
  • Practical, sturdy and lightweight, Werner aluminium ladders offer functional access to loft spaces at very affordable prices. Best for occasional access and utilitarian spaces.
  • Retractable concertina ladders from Dimes offer top quality & functionality in an Italian design that makes even utilitarian products beautiful. Ideal for modern interiors and frequent use.
  • Telescopic aluminium ladders by Telesteps provide an extremely compact access solution. Particularly suitable for modern houses with limited loft space.

Electric loft ladders for ultimate convenience in effortless loft access

  • Convenience and safety at a press of a single button – at prices you can afford.
  • A choice of auto loft ladders, from basic upgrades to replace manual ladder to luxury options.
  • The ladders we install include aluminium electric ladders from LOFTOMATTIC and wooden electric attic stairs from SKYLARK.
  • Bluetooth adapter allows you to operate your Skylark through your smartphone.
  • Power pack backup with a battery in case of power outages.
  • Suitable for most standard and enlarged loft hatches.
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Standard and customised loft hatches suitable for all ladders we supply

  • Opening alterations and new openings made as required.
  • Finish options that will match your interior decoration, including painting and cladding.
  • Insulated to avoid heat loss.
  • We also offer complete loft packages, including supply of ladders, flooring, lighting, insulation, and windows.

In addition to typical hatches, we offer bespoke hatches so you can get one that’s suitable for the ladder you choose and any other loft access requirements.

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Common questions:

Yes, we can fit a ladder supplied by us, recommend the best ladder for your needs for you to purchase, or install one you have bought yourself. Supply & fitting service offers the best value for money.

No, we don’t offer supply-only service.

Not necessarily. As long as the loft hatch opens downwards and the loft opening is large enough to fit the ladder, your old hatch might be suitable. You might choose to get a new one fitted anyway for better insulation, or to improve the way it looks.

Aluminium ladders tend to take up less space, especially those with concertina mechanism, which occupy only the space above the hatch. Get in touch for a specific recommendation or to book a home survey.

Quite possibly. This depends on the structure of the loft, and often on the age of the property. Older houses built using the traditional joists and rafters construction allow for more flexibility. Modern truss type roofs have more limited options, as you can’t cut the trusses, so it might be possible to extend the opening in one direction only.

This of course depends on the specifics, but installing a loft ladder takes just a few hours. A more comprehensive loft fitting service that includes installing boarding, insulation as well as fitting a new hatch and loft ladder will usually take 1 to 2 days.

Yes, we offer discounted deals for packages or combined services, for example loft flooring, light and ladder package, or boarding + insulation package, as well as custom deals tailored specifically to your need. Get in touch for a quote of more information.

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