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A rear, side return or a wraparound house extension are a popular way to add additional space and value to your property, especially in Cambridge, where our customers benefit from a generous gain on the initial house price after we finish all the works. Depending on the size and the space required, an average house extension can cost anywhere between £35,000 and £95,000 + VAT and above.

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How Much Does a House extension Cost is one of the most asked questions.

  • No two house extensions are alike, yet there are some processes and timescales that can be applied to almost every project.
  • There are many factors involved in costing a house extension project, from the size of the project right down to the quality of the paint you use on the walls
  • As every home extension in Cambridge completed by My Trusted Builder is individually tailored to each customer’s needs and vision, you would expect the price to be very different.

For a basic breakdown of average house extension or kitchen extension prices, follow these guidelines:

  •  Average price per square meter for a house extension ranges from £1,500.00 per m² for basic construction work, up to £3,500 per m² for high-spec materials.
  •  If you’re adding bi-fold doors, allow £1,400.00 to £3,000.00 per linear meter.
  • As a rough guideline for a standard house extension, 55% of the budget will cover construction whilst the other 45% will cover the interior, not for luxury finishes.
  • Small house extension, under 15 square meters, have higher costs per square meter.
Natural wood and white fitted units, open plan kichen diner extension, view in garden patio

What Can Cause unforeseen cost when building a house extension?

  •  Clay, peat, lots of nearby trees and sloping ground will all increase foundation costs.
  • Reinforced concrete slabs
  • Drainage
  • Unstable house structure which may require underpinning


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