How Much Will it Cost to Convert My Loft for Storage?

Before you feel you are just about to drown in all the rarely-used stuff that you have to store downstairs, and before you begin to seriously think about moving, direct your attention up — that’s right, the attic.

Taking a full advantage of the loft space is one of the most sensible solutions to storage problems — and often helps with other issues too. It is also surprisingly cheap.

We are talking under a grand for a substantial area of safely accessible loft space suitable for storage, including all labour and materials. Surprised? Read on.

But aren’t loft conversions really expensive?

Yes and no. A “habitable” loft conversion, also known as a ‘’room-in-the-roof” will indeed make a substantial dent in your finances. You will be looking at upwards of £15k, with typical prices between £20k and £40k. This is because a habitable conversion requires safe access (i.e. proper stairs), natural light from windows, as well as fire escape routes and numerous other safety and energy efficiency adaptations to be passed by Building Regulations. That’s not even including the cost of changes in the roof structure if you wanted a dormer or mansard conversion.

On the other hand, a non-habitable loft conversion doesn’t require any of those things, and doesn’t need approval by Building Regs.

What is a non-habitable loft conversion?

A non-habitable loft conversion is, essentially, a storage room in the roof. It has all you need to safely and comfortably access and store your belongings, without unnecessary expense for the extras that would make the room ‘’officially’’ habitable.

At the minimum, such a storage room conversion would mean boarding the loft space with suitable boarding panels to provide storage areas and convenient access, and ensuring access to the loft space in the form of a suitable ladder.

Depending on your circumstances, other works needed for a loft storage room conversion might include fitting lighting (electric or roof windows), insulation, raising the floor level and more.

When you say “cheap”, how cheap do you mean?

The cost of a basic loft storage conversion depends almost entirely on the size of your loft (or the part of your loft that you want converted for storage).

For example, a simple job that includes boarding, a ladder and lighting for a loft area of 20 square meters (approximately 13×16 feet), can cost as little as £800 (VAT included) — this is for an option with a basic retractable ladder.

Let’s say you would rather go for a more comprehensive storage conversion package that includes not just boarding, a simple ladder and electric lighting, but also raising the floor level to fit more insulation, fitting a new hatch door, a deluxe concertina ladder, topping up the insulation to currently recommended height AND an installation of a new Velux roof window — such a package could cost less than £2,500 (with VAT). Add another £500 and you can have an electric ladder too…

It’s also worth remembering that any extra insulation will literally pay for itself within a few years.

In any case, a loft company that you choose to do the job should visit your property and assess everything to be able to provide an accurate quote. They will be also able to advise on what’s possible, and what is sensible and recommended. For example, older Victorian or Edwardian properties pose different challenges than modern houses — and offer different opportunities.

Not sure what the options are or what is worth paying for? Check our prices and deals or get in touch to discuss your specific project.

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